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LSM Racing SC-100 Valve Spring Compressor Tool


Allows to the removal of valve stem springs with the heads staying on, Works with S/B Chevy with Jesel, T&D and Buick heads, and more, Has a tapered flange retainer housing that can fit springs? Engineered to easily compress up to 1,000 pounds. LSM Racing SC-100 Valve Spring Compressor Tool. The SC-100T is our on […]

LSM Racing Products PC-100-160 Valve Spring Pressure Tester, 160


0-160 PSI liquid filled gauge, Great for wedge/inline motors, canted/splayed motors, and big chief/spread port styles. Four course adjustment hole locations, Billet steel rocker hook, Includes set-up and adjustment guide. LSM Racing Products PC-100-160 Valve Spring Pressure Tester, 160. The PC-100 features four course adjustment hole locations and includes four fine adjustment shims which enable […]

LSM Racing Products SM-1000 Bench Top Valve Spring Tester, 1000lb


The rugged design can handle up to a 1.750 spring diameter, Features a 1000 lb. Gauge with 10 lb. Increments that ensures accuracy, This compressor has a compact design that lets you take it almost anywhere, It measures 19-1/2″ long (open), 17″ long (closed) x 6-1/2″ wide x 5-1/4″ high with the handle included. LSM […]

PAC Racing Springs PAC-1234X Beehive RPM Series Drop-in Valve Spring


Fitment and Product Information. Beehive RPM Series Drop-in Valve Spring, For Ford Coyote 5.0L. Brandname: PAC Racing Springs Part Number: PAC-1234X About Us. PAC Racing Springs is the Racing and Aftermarket Division of the Peterson Spring Company. With more than 10 divisions around the world, Peterson Spring is the largest privately held, family owned Spring […]

LSM Racing Products SC-167 Chevy LS1-LS9 Valve Spring Removal Install Tool


Engineered to mount directly to factory stands on LS1-LS6 using a specially engineered adaptor, Features a precision acme lead screw and nut, The “floating valve angle axis” automatically adjusts for the variance in valve angle, Has contoured spring reliefs on the compressor top to allow for easy removal & installation of valve spring, Contoured spring […]

LSM Racing Products SC-200 Racing Valve Spring Removal Tool


For Canted or Splayed style with Shaft mount rockers (indivudal rockers – no offset intakes), Slotted Steel Base for 5/16″ bolts or studs with 1.40″-1.70 center line spacing. Remove rocker and mount right on the stand! LSM Racing Products SC-200 Racing Valve Spring Removal Tool. LSM Racing Valve Spring Removal Tools. LSM Racing has developed […]

LSM Racing Products PC-100 Hydraulic Valve Spring Pressure Checker Checking Tool


Comes with a 0-600 lb. Gauge, Made from billet aluminum with steel inserts, Special roller tip end and steel guides will work with most rocker arms, Adjustable for different ratios, Features a red anodized finish for added protection. LSM Racing Products PC-100 Hydraulic Valve Spring Checker. Made in billet aluminum with steel inserts for many […]