Engine Valve Spring Comp Cams 954-16


Engine Valve Spring Comp Cams 954-16. Rieth Auto Stores is dedicated to providing you with the same exceptional level of customer service that people who have been visiting our business since 1988 have come to expect. We carry a full line of domestic, import, s. V, truck, 4×4, heavy-duty, R. And classic car parts and […]

Dual valve springs set for 1.8T NJPerformance


The set consists of 8 lightweight retainers 8 custom locators 8 inner and 8 outer exhaust springs and 12 intake valve springs (+25%). Fits all 4 cylinder 1.8 20V Turbo/ Audi / Seat / Skoda / VW engines. Lightweight 11g retainers on exhausts compared to stock 15.5 g. Max safe lift 12.5 mm. Installed height […]

Dual valve springs set OM606 OM612 OM628 OM648 Mercedes diesel NJPerformance


Performance dual valve springs set Mercedes. The set prevents valve float under high boost pressures due to springs greater stiffness compared to the OEM and dual spring design. Direct fittment and require no machining. The small spring has a reverse winding, which allows safe lifting of the working. Boost pressure as you want (tested at […]

Valve Pressure Spring Plier Remover For BMW Mini N14/N16/N18 Peugeot Citroen1.6T


Valve Pressure Spring Remove Install Compatible with N12, N14, N16, N18 Engine. Compatible with BMW MINI N12, N16, N18 engine. Compatible with Peugeot 207, 308, EP6 engine. Replace BM number119571; 119572; 119573. Remove Valve Pressure Spring. Specially designed to remove and install the pressure spring on intermediate lever. About how to use detailed instructions, please […]

Pac Racing Springs Pac-1235 1.210 Beehive Valve Springs 1200 Series Valve Spring


PAC RACING SPRINGS PACPAC-1235. Valve Spring, 1200 Series, Ovate Beehive Spring, 358 lb/in Spring Rate, 1.160 in Coil Bind, 1.21 in OD, Set of 16. PAC Racing Springs produces premium-quality valve springs and related valvetrain components for many different automotive and racing applications. Their lines of valve springs, retainers, locks, seats, shims, and specialty tools […]